Dec 2014

Wei Kiat

Hi Sylvia, thanks for being the Emcee to our wedding! As our wedding is a simple afternoon buffet style as such it can be quite boring. We also decided not to get any brothers or sisters to assist us to be our Emcee as we want them to enjoy this special event along with us and not add stress to them. we believe that a professional Emcee is the answer to our worries. Luckily we chance upon your site and your impressive portfolio. We are really fortunate that we have you as our Emcee due to your tight schedule. No regret. My guests and ourself truly enjoy the programs you line up. Our worries that a boring lunch buffet turns up to be a wonderful, fun and a memorable one. Not only did you make everyone participate the games but also manage to make them feel at ease and comfortable. Thanks Sylvia for making our wedding a success!!!

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