What is the key factor to look out for in a wedding emcee?

– The key factor is ‘Experience’.

– Services provided by an experienced emcee is not about writing a script for you and read the script for you during your banquet celebrations. A wedding script can be found all over Google search. Why do you need to pay for it?

– If you get a ‘professional emcee’ to just read off a script, you are better off getting a friend to do it for you.

– An experienced wedding emcee should have ample experience to make your guests feel comfortable, make your wedding cosy, creating the right atmosphere and not boring for your guests.

– A wedding emcee must be able to handle any “unexpected” circumstances on stage for you. He / she should have the experience and skills to handle difficult situations and turn them around. As the chief mood setter, he / she will keep the mood up and lead your wedding program forward.

Why do some wedding emcees charge more than others?

–  Emcees’ assured job performances, experienced and reliability are the key factors of emcee charges.

–  Assured job performances, experienced and reliability are measured by number of past wedding couples who have tried and tested the skills of the emcee.

–  Emcees that charge a nominal fee are normally emcees hoping to use pricing to attract you to allow them to use your wedding as a platform to sharpen their skills

– Would you pay for an emcee that uses your once in a lifetime important day as a training ground?

How important is a Wedding MC?

1) A Wedding Emcee understands THE FOCUS IS NOT ON THEM – rather on the guests and most important of all, the bride and groom! I came across dozens of “MC guides” which seemed to be more concerned about “good” MC jokes then what an MC should be doing.

2) Emcee services with Sylvia include behind-the-scenes coordinator, create a timeline that compliments the venue’s food service times and also paces the reception so that you get full enjoyment of your special day.

3) A professional wedding MC will make your wedding fun! We make wedding receptions fun not by telling jokes or making fun of people or the bridal couple, but by incorporating the bridal couple and their guests into some amazing special moments which are personalized by us, just for your wedding.

4) Each wedding reception is different, so there are different things which a professional wedding MC does at each reception. A truly professional MC will be happy to sit down with you and discuss every aspect of their service, just like any other professional wedding supplier.


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