Wedding Testimonials


Sylvia is extremely witty and entertaining. She amazed me by how quick witted she is in handling some nasty events that happened on stage in one of the roadshows we planned. Perhaps she was in sales for several years before, she can talk to and manage almost all types of people. And the most important thing, she manage to draw crowd and push our client's products very effectively and yet subtly that we all hit our sales KPI for every roadshows. Extremely affordable and yet jobs well done! Thank you so much Sylvia! 😉


Hi Sylvia, really thank you so much for helping us on our big day. We really appreciate it especially when someone else failed us unexpectedly. Thank you once again and wish you all the best!

Louis Ong

Hi Sylvia,Joey and I would like to say a big Thank You to u. You have done a gd job on our wedding dinner, most of my relatives and friends had an enjoyable night on that day. Keep in touch and once again, Thank You.Regards,Louis Ong

Wei Kiat

Hi Sylvia, thanks for being the Emcee to our wedding! As our wedding is a simple afternoon buffet style as such it can be quite boring. We also decided not to get any brothers or sisters to assist us to be our Emcee as we want them to enjoy this special event along with us and not add stress to them. we believe that a professional Emcee is the answer to our worries. Luckily we chance upon your site and your impressive portfolio. We are really fortunate that we have you as our Emcee due to your tight schedule. No regret. My guests and ourself truly enjoy the programs you line up. Our worries that a boring lunch buffet turns up to be a wonderful, fun and a memorable one. Not only did you make everyone participate the games but also manage to make them feel at ease and comfortable. Thanks Sylvia for making our wedding a success!!!


Sylvia hosted for a Chinese New Year event for our club. She is a very professional emcee who will do her homework before hosting the event. She did great in warming up the audience and will never let the event with any dead pauses. Helpful, friendly and approachable are in her. Good Job, Sylvia. No doubt we will ask you back for any of our upcoming events. Thanks and Huat ar!!!!!!!!!


We have had Sylvia emcee for one of our volunteer training events. She was great and helpful and her bubbly nature do help people to warm up especially since the event was in the evening, after a long day's work. Thanks again Sylvia! 😀


Attended a wedding where Sylvia was the emcee and was really impressed by how Sylvia deals situations!Sylvia is a wonderful emcee that made the wedding so lively instead of the usual boring emcees that you will laugh at for being so boring and monotonous.Highly recommended!

Sharon Sung

Hi Sylvia, thanks for the hard work you've put in for emceeing our wedding dinner recently. All my guests are extremely well entertained and everyone sang praises about you. Thanks for making my wedding a wonderful and memorable one. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Best wishes Sharon and MK


Hi Sylvia, a million thanks for emceeing our wedding dinner yesterday night. You emceeing skills are great!! Several relatives told us how talented you are! My husband and I are so glad we got a professional emcee for our wedding dinner rather than getting a friend to do it. Thank you once again, Sylvia! And we will email our wedding photos to you soon! cheers, Michael & Stacia


Thanks slyvia for your great service being our wedding emcee last wkend....... U managed to kip my guests entertained during the slideshow technical fault.... =)A very bubbly and cheerful emcee......!! Way to go! Cheers!


Well, I guess every married couple knows that pre-wedding preparation is a very tedious process. I¡®m glad that I had engaged Sylvia to host my wedding dinner. During the wedding dinner, one of my guests who was drunk came up to the stage and snatched away the mic from us. It really surprised us and Sylvia was able to manage the whole situation well. It was well spent engaging her to host your big day. Thanks so much. We are really glad for your assistance on that night. Cheers!!!!

Cherlin Koh

Hi Sylvia, thanks for hosting our wedding dinner dispite your tight schedule. Jim and myself really glad to engage you as our emcee that night. You are wonderful and our guests enjoyed themselves. They even compliment abt you to us aft that night! No regrets! Lets keep in touch! Cheers!


Hey Sylvia, all my guests were so entertained by you during my wedding. i am so glad to have you as my emcee. esp the cantonese part, that NOT many emcee can speak such good cantonese like you. good job!! cheers!! thanks Sylvia!!

Nik Chia

Hi Sylvia, you have done a great job on our wedding nite and managed to entertain our guests well, especially the games that we played. We recevied positive feedbacks from our guests that the emcee was great. Thanks for your help and let¡®s keep in touch. Cheers!


Hey Sylvia! Good job and well done emceeing my wedding banquet!!! 😉 Thank God the netizens from recommended you. You made my entire wedding so lively!! And luckily I didn¡®t fall for the ¡®cheap cheap¡® package of ¡®$688/-¡®!!! Haaaaahaaaa You know what I mean!! ;P Let¡®s meet up for coffee soon and I can show you the photos!!! Aside, to the ¡®going to get married couples¡®, just give Sylvia a call!! She¡®s friendly, sincere, experienced and professional!!! Best of all, she emceed weddings because of her passion! Not because of money/profits!!! Therefore, she¡®s extremely affordable!! 😉


I was hunting high and low for a suitable emcee for my wedding and i chance upon sylvia webbie. I deliberate for quite some time considering artiste cum emcee before deciding to choose sylvia as our Emcee as the wedding would be really small and every hiccups would look big as comapred to larger weddings. I am glad i took the risk as she was really professional and all our guest were engaged throughout our programme.


Sylvia, thank you so much !! u cheer our nitez..all the guest said u r well done.. Keep in touch 🙂 To those bride to be who would like make ur wedding lively, u must go for Sylvia, she is professional


Hi Sylvia, thank you for hosting our wedding dinner. It was a pleasure working with you. You¡®ve been really kind and helpful during the period of our preparation. Our guests enjoyed themselves that day and it wouldn¡®t be the same without you. So once again, thank you for everything!


hi sylvia, thanks for ur advise and help throughout our wedding making it a success! A nice and bubbly girl who will go extra mile whenever u need her. All the guests were amazed by her professional and entertaining hosting. Once again thank you for everything.keep in touch! 🙂


If you are thinking of whether to ask your frens to help hosting your wedding, you might want to give Sylvia a call. You will be amazed at how much things you have over-looked for your own wedding banquet. Sylvia is very professional in running the whole show and allows us to enjoy our own wedding without worrying ANYTHING AT ALL. Really something! Thanks Sylvia! Love, Alan and Su Fang


Hi Sylvia, I am so glad that have you be my wedding emcee. You make my wedding full of laughter and have a happy ending. My guests enjoyed themselves on that day. And said you are well done and professional. Thank you very much and keep in touch ya. For those couple¡®s are looking for emcee, just call for Sylvia, she is very friendly and professional.

Janice Wong

Thank u so much Slyvia for being so good emcee during my big day! I really really glad to have you making me worries free for my big day! I do not have to plan or think about anything!! 🙂 love you! My wedding dinner was running so smoothly!! People out there! It is worth to engage her as your emcee or wedding planner! She is definitely going all out to assist and comfort you when you need her! 🙂


For goodness sake Brides to be!!! Please DO NOT get your friends to emcee YOUR WEDDING!!! Arghhhhh.... Everybody can talk or read scripts on stage!!! But a professional emcee is entirely different!! It’s a kind of charisma and stage presence that they are able to portray. It changes the entire night! Trust me! Thank you to Sylvia for her wonderful entertaining, engaging and very romantic emceeing! Nowadays when I attend weddings with friends as an emcee, I can¡®t help but keep laughing at them!!! It’s only that few hundreds dollars. If you can afford a thousand dollars for a table. Come on what is a few hundred that changes your entire night!!! Sylvia, good job!!! And thanks for everything on our big day! David & Hayden.