Dec 2014


Hey Sylvia! Good job and well done emceeing my wedding banquet!!! 😉 Thank God the netizens from SingaporeBrides.com recommended you. You made my entire wedding so lively!! And luckily I didn¡®t fall for the ¡®cheap cheap¡® package of ¡®$688/-¡®!!! Haaaaahaaaa You know what I mean!! ;P Let¡®s meet up for coffee soon and I can show you the photos!!! Aside, to the ¡®going to get married couples¡®, just give Sylvia a call!! She¡®s friendly, sincere, experienced and professional!!! Best of all, she emceed weddings because of her passion! Not because of money/profits!!! Therefore, she¡®s extremely affordable!! 😉

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