Professional Emcee

An emcee sets the tone for a particular event. She determines the energy level throughout and is responsible for keeping on schedule and establishes the kind of feeling the event organizers want.

An emcee has to have a pleasant stage presence, who is gracious, personable and flexible, who can think on their feet, keep many balls in the air at the same time, not get easily flustered, and calmly handle the unexpected.

She must knows how to set the appropriate tone for the specific session, carefully manage the time while maintaining a positive energy flow throughout the entire session, and who can make audiences/guests feel welcomed, special, comfortable and respected.

An emcee must be willing to put the time and effort into preparing succinct and willing to take instructions from organizers/clients too.


On the growing demand of customer’s orders, Sylvia aims to offer a wide range of services that cover from private events to cooperate business scale. Each of the category being provided is a niche preparation in details with the goal of individual perfectionists.

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Past Events

Over the years, the list of professional shows and events that Sylvia has organized are increasing because of her assured dedication for the emcee job. Here is the list of her event achievements that she have conquered.


A Wedding Emcee understands THE FOCUS IS NOT ON THEM – rather on the guests and most important of all, the bride and groom! She came across dozens of “MC guides” which seemed to be more concerned about “good” MC jokes then what an MC should be doing.

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Special Interview by W&T

You’ve seen her at your friend’s wedding, your cousin’s wedding, and probably at your colleague’s wedding too. In fact, word has gotten out so much that Sylvia Tham is now one of the most highly sought after wedding emcees.

What Clients Say

Bernard Singapore Sports Council

I had a chance to work with Sylvia at the Youth Olympic Games Kids Sports Challenge where she was the emcee. Besides displaying a flair for entertaining hundreds of children (and adults) everyday, she was very versatile and took the extra effort to do her job well. The audience was captivated by her liveliness and charisma whenever she charisma whenever she went on  stage to host the sessions. She was indeed the right person for the job and I will definitely engage and recommend her for future events. Keep up the fantastic work!

Kenneth F&N Singapore

Sylvia is extremely witty and entertaining. She amazed me by how quick witted she is in handling some nasty events that happened on stage in one of the roadshows we planned. Perhaps she was in sales for several years before, she can talk to and manage almost all types of people. And the most important thing, she manage to draw crowd and push our client's products very effectively and yet subtly that we all hit our sales KPI for every roadshows. Extremely affordable and yet jobs well
done! Thank you so much Sylvia! 😉

Ronald Quek

Sylvia emceed our Charity Golf Event over the weekends. When I first saw her, she looked extremely young and bubbly to me. She was very jovial and cracking jokes throughout our entire pre event meeting. I got a bit worried. I wonder if a young girl like her will be able to handle a rather mature golf event of ours. To my surprise, she turned up at our event in the morning in a very sporty golf wear and she knew every jargon involving golf!! For the gala dinner in the evening, she shed her young bubbly image and turned into this sophisticated emcee in almost a click of fingers! She is very versatile! Well done Sylvia! We will be asking you to emcee our award ceremony coming year end!Cheers!